Shiho-shoshi(Solicitor)mainly provide the following services;

1.Procedures related to companies

-When setting up a company

-When a director has changed

-When issuing new shares

-When resolving or liquidating a company

2.Procedures related to real estate

-When purchasing real estate

-When selling real estate

-When an inheritance event takes place to a real estate owner

3.Procedures related to property management

-upon being appointed as an administrator or a manager of properties,manage other person's business or properties

-upon being appointed as a guardian,an aide,or an assistant,act as an agent on legal matters(contracts,etc.)of other person including such matters as giving consent or making cancellations.

In addition to the above services,Shiho-shosi(Solicitor)prepare documents which need to be submitted to corts and so forth.For those Shiho-shosi(Solicitor)who are certified by the Minister of Justice,they can serve as prodedural attorneys of civil lawsuits with the amount of claim up to JPY1.4milion at summary courts.

As with the legal professionals in most contries,Shiho-shosi(Solicitor)comply with the confidentialiy requirements as set out by the laws and regulations,concernig the matters discussed with their clients as well as the details of the services they undertake.Shiho-shosi(Solicitor)have duties and responsibilities as professionals to abide by the laws and regulations,as well as a code of ethics.


(This brochure was prepared based on the laws and regulations as of March 1,2017.)